Become a transformational leader in legal business

A transformative approach to leadership has arrived – and it’s here to stay

Drawing on cutting-edge leadership theory and organisational psychology principles, this course will give you the self-awareness and critical thinking you need to become a transformational leader in legal business.

During the course, you’ll discuss the current challenges your workplace is facing with guidance from our Teaching Fellows Daljit Singh and Kristen Kramer. In the process, you’ll acquire the critical thinking and cognitive skills to solve similar challenges in the future.



Learn the cutting-edge leadership strategies transforming law firms.



Develop specialised cognitive skills to enhance your ability to influence and communicate



Build self-awareness and heighten your critical thinking to lead through disruption.



Develop an actionable leadership plan for your own career growth.

This subject will be next offered starting 12 August 2024

If you have any questions in the meantime, our team is here to help.

Learning outcomes

After you complete this subject, you will be able to:

  • Critique the behaviours of effective business leaders
  • Build self-awareness of your leadership style by examining your values, behaviours and actions
  • Assess your strengths, resilience and values to develop as an adaptable and ethical leader
  • Formulate an actionable personal leadership development plan
  • Evaluate the alignment between your personal leadership philosophy and your organisational values, behaviours, principles and actions.

Learn from inspiring industry leaders

Designed for current and future legal leaders

Private practice lawyers

Learn to think with an innovative mindset. Grow your self-awareness. And lead with the latest knowledge in organisational psychology.

In-house lawyers

If you work in-house, Legal Business Management training can help you build your business credentials – and cast a stronger voice at the boardroom table.

Legal support professionals

From HR and marketing to IT and operations, if you’re a leader who works with a legal team, this training will help you make a more powerful, longer-lasting impact.

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