Business Strategy

Success happens not by chance, but by strategic planning

‘Winging it’ and copying the competition is no longer an option.

Only with a sound business strategy can legal organisations carve a distinctive, purposeful and profitable position.

You’ll explore foundational strategic business concepts and models, before developing and executing your own strategic plan.

This is an intensive subject offered in February and August 2022


Counts towards the MLB

A subject in or credit towards the Master of Legal Business


100% Online

Flexible learning custom designed for online study



6 weeks


Graduate Certificate

Option to receive Graduate Certificate by completing 2 subjects.

4 start dates a year

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What will I learn?

Craft a distinctive strategy to set your practice or legal department up for success

Explain foundational business strategy concepts

Analyse the current state of a legal business or business unit

Develop a strategic plan for a legal practice applying key strategic business models

Develop a sustainable implementation plan to execute the strategic plan

Apply effective written and oral communication skills to communicate strategic advice

Learn from the best in the business

Designed for:

Senior Associates & Partners

Practice & General Managers

General Counsel

Legal Operations Managers

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