To succeed as a leader in legal business, you don’t have to be extraordinary...

But you do need this.

Published 27/04/2021

Published 27/04/2021

To succeed as a leader in legal business, you don’t have to be extraordinary. But you do need this.

To the outsider, being a successful legal business leader seems no easy feat. Those who have ‘made it’ must be smarter, luckier and better than the rest of us, right?

Wrong. They’re just like you – with one small difference. They’ve equipped themselves with the business acumen to bring their tools, processes and mindset into the 21st century.

Designed and exclusively delivered by The College of Law, the Master of Legal Business is for existing and aspiring leaders who are ready to champion change within their firm or in-house legal department.

Unlike other leadership qualifications, this course will teach you how to understand consumer trends, bring greater efficiencies to your workflow – and ultimately, increase your firm or department’s bottom line. All through a legal-specific lens.

Here are some of the core skills you will gain through the Master of Legal Business.

Build a contemporary leadership toolkit

From communication and confidence to accountability and integrity, there’s no doubt that good leaders in business have always shared common traits.

But to succeed as a leader today, in a highly disruptive legal industry, innate traits alone are not enough.

If you want to lead your firm or department into the future, you must also have expertise across a number of emerging areas. Six Sigma, lean processes, systems thinking and change management are just some of the critical concepts that today’s leaders in legal business must understand and embrace.

The Master of Legal Business will teach you the importance and relevance of these concepts – so that you can reimagine your firm to match modern-day market needs.

Understand and embrace emerging technologies

Innovative processes and emerging technologies such as AI, legal bots and blockchain are the key to faster service delivery in the legal world.

By automating repetitive and administrative tasks, your staff will be able to focus on higher value work and increase their billable time. And that translates to improved job satisfaction – as well as a stronger bottom line.

The Master of Legal Business will teach you about the major technologies disrupting the legal industry and how to embed these within your firm or department to ensure sustained success in a new digital future.

‘Make it rain’ for your firm

Throughout your legal career, you’ve likely come across certain people who seem to have a magical knack for bringing in clients and making money for their firms.

But did you know that these ‘rainmaking’ skills can in fact be taught?

Through the Master of Legal Business, you will learn how to find your own rainmaking style so that you too can improve the financial position of your firm or organisation – as though by magic.

You’ll discover how to use your network to tap into non-traditional or hidden markets and develop the skills to become a trusted adviser and excel at client service.

Become a ‘risk ready’ leader

As a legal service professional, chances are you are relatively risk averse. And that’s understandable – given the industry in which you work and the training you’ve undertaken.

But, with the sector on the cusp of enormous change, this approach to legal business will no longer serve you. In fact, it will likely hinder you.

That’s why successful legal service professionals today know the importance of being ‘risk ready’. They feel comfortable in the face of uncertainty. And they know how to experiment and embrace the unknown.

By undertaking the Master of Legal Business, you too can learn how to take calculated risks and understand the immense benefits that this mindset will bring to you and your team.

Manage with resilience in the face of disruption

When thinking about the attributes of a ‘typical lawyer’, confidence is one that often comes to mind. After all, they know their subject matter inside-out, tend to have the gift of the gab – and can be boldly assertive.

However, despite these confident outward personas, many lawyers are not resilient. Which is a problem.

To succeed in today’s volatile legal industry, resilience is perhaps the most important trait you can have. By being resilient, you will find it easier to be engaged and productive in your work. And ultimately, you’ll be equipped to deal with constant and inevitable change.

The Master of Legal Business will equip you with the skills and mindset you need to face disruption challenges – head-on.

Now is your chance to prepare for the future you want

Standing out in a disrupted and competitive legal world is no easy feat.

That’s why you need to understand the environment you operate in, build your expertise, understand new technologies – and know how to take calculated risks.

Whatever your role in the legal sector, The Master of Legal Business will help you thrive in the face of change and set you and your team up for success.

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