How to become a progressive force of change in the legal world

This course is the answer

Published 28/04/2021

Published 28/04/2021

How to become a progressive force of change in the legal world: This course is the answer.

Savvy, forward-thinking lawyers and firms understand that they need to upskill and shift how they operate today – to stay relevant tomorrow. 

And they know the critical role of progressive thinking and innovation in doing so. 

While some in the legal field may gravitate towards generic courses that have long existed, others are going down a smarter path. They’re choosing a program that directly addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of the legal sector. 

They’re choosing the Master of Legal Business

Purpose-designed and exclusively delivered by The College of Law, this course will equip you with advanced skills to enhance your career and thrive in the face of disruption. 

If you’re working in practice management, legal technology or legal marketing and brand development, it’s time to explore how the Master of Legal Business can elevate your career.



You’re working as (or aspiring to be a):

General Manager, Practice Manager or Operations Manager

Why you need this course:

The legal industry is in the midst of a shake-up. Yes, COVID-19 has disrupted every industry, but lawyers are staring down changes that have been on the horizon for some time – specifically:

  • More sophisticated clients
  • A rapidly rising in-house counsel sector 
  • Demand from clients for holistic business solutions 
  • A greater need to do more with less

The combination of these key factors means that law firms must equip themselves with the business acumen to bring their tools, processes and mindset into the 21st century. 

What you will learn:

You’ll learn the core skills you need to expertly manage projects – and the tech-savvy capabilities to introduce your team to new technologies, systems and processes. And importantly, to embed these in your firm, long term.

The result? Greatly improved workflow efficiencies and a healthier bottom line.

You’ll be trained in Six Sigma, lean processes, systems thinking and change management. From developing more effective pricing strategies, to understanding how and why clients buy services, you’ll develop the complete toolkit to reimagine your firm – and team – to suit contemporary market needs.


You’re working as (or aspiring to be a):

Technology Manager or Legal Technology Entrepreneur

Why you need this course:

Whether you’re already working in this highly in-demand area or looking to move into it, you’ll be acutely aware that digital disruption is transforming the legal sector. 

Technology and AI are changing the way the legal profession makes decisions. And data is changing the way we practise law. Further, clients’ expectations around services have also shifted. They want more control over what they’ll get, when they’ll get it – and at what price point they’ll get it.

With the sector moving at such a rapid pace, you need to know which new technologies to champion and how to embed an agile approach.

The skills you’ll develop:

You will build knowledge on the major technologies disrupting the legal sector, and the skills legal teams need to survive in our digital future. 

You’ll also learn how to use innovative thinking and technology to deliver the service experience that clients now demand


You’re working as (or aspiring to be a):

Business Development and Marketing Manager, Client Relationship Manager, PR Executive, Client and Market Developer or HR Operations Manager.

Why you need this course

The role of marketing in the legal sector is changing. Traditionally, firms relied on word-of-mouth to acquire new clients. This might have been supplemented with other soft marketing tools such as corporate brochures, newsletters and public signage. 

But these passive tactics don’t cut it in today’s competitive landscape.

With the online marketplace exploding, clients are becoming more powerful, sophisticated and discerning. And that means firms need to do a lot more to win and retain business.

Today, you need to be able to make your firm stand out in a crowded market. 

The skills you’ll develop:

You’ll learn how to integrate smart branding within your legal business strategy – and how to undertake data-driven market research to better understand and service your clients. 

You’ll also learn how to develop a tailored client experience based on market segmentation.

But perhaps most importantly, you’ll come away with the ability to proactively build meaningful relationships with clients and strategically-aligned businesses. 

Ready to become a progressive leader in today’s legal world?

The Master of Legal Business from the College of Law aims to educate those in legal services around the business of law and increases skills across core competencies such as strategy, leadership, pricing and workplace design. 

You will walk away with a clear strategy to:

  • Attract and retain today’s discerning clients
  • Select and embed new technologies into your firm 
  • Embrace change and secure your firm’s future

Delivered 100% online by an elite team of legal services professionals, the MLB combines virtual workshops with real-world learning experiences and activities.

With the option to walk away with a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or your full Masters, you can choose the path that’s right for you. 

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