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5 legal trends in a post 2020 world

Published 26/04/2021

Published 26/04/2021

The world is not as it was 12 months ago. 

2020 has made it impossible to stick with old ways of working and has forced the world to adapt to a new way of life. Legal professionals are left with no choice but to rise to the challenge of new working styles, technologies and client expectations. 

At its most basic level, the way we ‘do’ law has changed. And it’s still evolving.

So what are the biggest changes we’ve seen over the last 12 months – and what do they mean for the year ahead? 

Here are the 5 trends every legal professional needs to watch… with an eagle eye. 

1) Business continuity planning is taking centre stage

Thriving firms don’t just expect the unexpected. They plan and adapt for it.

Legal practices are becoming more agile and better at anticipating change in the medium to long term. If your firm doesn’t yet have a business resiliency plan in place, it’s time to create one that can be relied on if there’s a COVID-19 surge – or any other disruption down the track. Convenience_260x126-1

2) Technology is the life raft keeping our sector afloat

In a post-pandemic world, lawyers and clients are relying on technology like never before. 

This is where the next generation of legal professionals will have to excel. Virtual legal services are imperative, as is technological agility and expertise. 

Firms must focus on building a versatile legal practice to support clients both virtually and in person.

3) People are being placed at the heart of service delivery 

Loyalty to and from your staff is critical. You need to value the diversity and contributions of your workforce above all. 

Yes, there are a plethora of digital tools to help you deliver legal services remotely – but it will be the dedication and enthusiasm of your legal team that will really set you apart. 

4) Clients are calling the shotsPracticalEmpathy_260x126-1

If you don’t make your clients feel valued and cared for, they will jump ship. It’s as simple as that.

One-to-one interactions with a dedicated staff member are a powerful way to ensure you hold on to your clients. Treat them like they are your number one priority. Because they are. 

5) Old pricing models are speeding toward the grave 

The traditional method of hourly billing comes with much greater scrutiny. Today’s consumers of legal services expect flexibility and transparency in the way you charge them. 

They want a pricing model that puts them at the centre.

It’s time to equip yourself with a future-focused skill set.

The competitive landscape is changing and it’s time to rethink legal services to create a sustainable, profitable business in the future. 

Are you and your firm ready to face these changes, head on?

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